CREAToR is an EU funded project, focused on process development and demonstration (to TRL 5) to remove hazardous, already banned bromine- containing flame-retardants from waste streams using continuous purification technologies: supercritical CO2 and cost-effective solvent-based processes using natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES) in twin-screw extruders.

CREAToR will cover the whole value chain, starting from collecting thermoplastic waste streams from building and construction (B&C) and from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The project will implement ways to collect secondary raw materials, identify the presence of hazardous flame retardants, remove these contaminants from the materials and finally reuse the materials. As case studies they will be reused as valuable secondary raw materials for new B&C insulation panels, closing the circle of economy, for automotive interior application, and for producing 3 D printed parts for aerospace applications.

For further increasing the economic feasibility of the approach an optimised logistic concept and a harmonized material quality classification scheme will be developed and applied. CREAToR will create a circular economy solution, transforming waste streams that are currently incinerated at costs of >180 €/t (especially from the B&C and WEEE sector) into value-bringing secondary raw materials. The economic viability of CREAToR will be validated through material benchmarking and LCA/LCC assessment for the whole value chain resulting in next generation products.



waste collection


separation of polymer parts

Sorting line with LIBS technology (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) for characterisation 
icon_BR flame retardants

continuous extraction for removal of Br flame retardant

Extractive extrusion with supercritical CO2 and NADES ionic liquids for purification

labelling of Br free material

Labelling of the material to ensure hazardous flame retardant content < 0.1wt-%

modification for reuse

Re-additivation for re-use (new flame retardants, processing additives)


A new, cost-effective approach

Consideration of the whole value chain for various polymers ABS, PC, PA, PS

Chracterisation and sorting of large polymer parts containing brominated flame retardants at kg scale

Removal of Br flame retardants down to 0.1 wt-% in continuous process at kg scale


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